The third episode in my version of the series. Jurassic Dork. Enjoy it.

Jurassic Dork

After Howard and Sheldon go to a park full of living dinosaurs funded by an old guy with a white beard, Sheldon sneaks a baby dinosaur back home to keep as a pet. Penny and Howard find out and yell at him for his stupid decision. They tell Sheldon to keep him in the house so the public doesn't find out. Sheldon spends the day hanging out with his new pet baby Tyrannosaurus, which he names Rick. Rick hates Sheldon at first, but then as the episode goes on, he begins to warm up to him. However, the adult T-Rex tht is Rick's mother, finds out where Rick is and goes on a destructive rampage and terrorizes the neighborhood. She smashes through Sheldon's house and finds out where her infant is. Sheldon runs away and tries to hide. Penny yells at him to quit being selfish and that the only way to end this is to give Rick back. Sheldon confronts the mommy T-Rex, who is about to eat him, but Rick rescues him and re-unites with his mother. The 2 walk off into the sunset. 

Sheldon begins to miss Rick, but he looks out the window and sees Rick and his mother, as his mother has begun to open up to Sheldon and let Rick go for a playdate with Sheldon. The episode ends.

So that's the 3rd episode. What do you think? What do you want to see next?

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