aka John

  • I live in Kentucky
  • My occupation is Printer
  • I am Male
  • Doobius

    Hello, and thank you if you're checking out my first-ever, anywhere on the web, blog post! I hope I don't bore you!

    As you may notice I have quite a few edits and picture uploads considering my short time being here. The reason for that is because I have a lot of time on my hands currently due to a job crisis. But, it's also because I love this show and when I came across this wiki it was just what I needed to keep sane while I wait for potential employers to call. Also, I have extensive experience in formatting and proofreading, stemming from my job as a printer. That's also why you might see me nit-picking spelling and grammatical errors, or changing sentences sometimes so that they more readily convey what the wiki is saying. Of course I…

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