Hello, and thank you if you're checking out my first-ever, anywhere on the web, blog post! I hope I don't bore you!

As you may notice I have quite a few edits and picture uploads considering my short time being here. The reason for that is because I have a lot of time on my hands currently due to a job crisis. But, it's also because I love this show and when I came across this wiki it was just what I needed to keep sane while I wait for potential employers to call. Also, I have extensive experience in formatting and proofreading, stemming from my job as a printer. That's also why you might see me nit-picking spelling and grammatical errors, or changing sentences sometimes so that they more readily convey what the wiki is saying. Of course I realize that not everybody has this kind of attitude or ability, so you won't hear me talking down to anyone, either.

I'm 52 and will be 53 in May of 2012. I'm lucky to still be alive, actually, but I won't go into detail on that. I'll just say I'm thankful for every day I'm given and I try to laugh as much as I can; I believe it keeps you younger than your age! The Big Bang Theory really helps me there, too!

Well, I just wanted to make an introductory post here so people could know a little more about the man behind the pen, or cursor, well, you know what I mean! Thanks for the hospitality I've been shown since I've been here, and I'll try to stop freaking out when someone trashes a page, even if it's deliberate!

Take Care and ☮ To All!
Picture 3

The Old Man ☮

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