• F1Kitten

    S9 Ending

    March 13, 2016 by F1Kitten

    S9E20 7 April: The Rodent Infestation. Raj moves in with the Wolowitzes after his apartment's area becomes infested with rats. Stuart, left on the streets due to his apartment being caught in it, finds a lost lottery ticket, the winning one. He uses it to build a better comic book store. Sheldon and Leonard host a video games tournament. Title: Raj's and Stuart's apartments are infested with rats.

    S9E21 21 April: The Accidental Hero Manipulation. Stuart ends up creating many jobs with his new comic book store, but Capital Comics owner Jesse tries to make up a story making him responsible. The gang turn Stuart's room into an alternate hangout room. Emily and Raj struggle to maintain their relationship. Title: Stuart accidentally creates many…

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  • F1Kitten


    March 12, 2016 by F1Kitten

    Today was Bournemouth Comicon and I got 2 T-Shirts. One soft kitty and one bazinga.

    Now postulate Sheldon going to comicon and seeing soft kitty or bazinga...

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  • F1Kitten


    March 7, 2016 by F1Kitten

    I really think that in S10E2, Amy and Sheldon should marry.

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