Want a reason to wear your wedding dress again?

How about a bridal gown party? Yes, that is actually a thing. Ladies are hosting and attending “wear your wedding dress again” parties to give themselves and their married friends an excuse to pull their gowns out of the closet. The events range from brunch with a few friends to a night with a few hundred brides.

Charities have even latched on to this trend, hosting wedding gown balls for a good cause. Most are a typical evening of dinner and music, but one charity in Philadelphia is creating a multifaceted event. The Wedding Dress Party is for brides wanting to sell their gowns. These ladies get to wear them one last time and even strut the runway donning their white. Then the brides-to-be in attendance can bid on the dresses they like. A portion of the proceeds are given to young breast cancer survivors.

Another dress every woman has hanging in plastic in the back of her closet? What about the multiple bridesmaid dresses never to be worn again? Whether they aren’t really in style or are just too obviously a bridesmaid dress, the truth is they will never be worn again. Single or married, most everyone has a couple of these, and a chance to see all of your friends in them can have some pretty crazy results.

Why not throw a dress party yourself? It doesn’t have to be an expensive or elaborate event. Simply host a cocktail party, wine tasting, or maybe a dance party. Make it a wedding theme if you want, or just a fun, fancy night. Invite your best girlfriends. Everyone can do their hair and makeup as if going to a formal occasion to really get in the spirit.

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