• Giangster

    I gotta ask, why do the writers feel the need to always make Sheldon include himself into Penny and Leonard's relationship? It's kind of annoying and not funny at all. I mean, they do this all the time:

    - Sheldon interrupted Penny and Leonard's first time together in the Season 3 premiere (though he was furious at Leonard for deceiving him, so that was a good reason to do so)

    - Sheldon tagged along in the car ride when Penny was dropping off Leonard at the airport in the Season 6 finale

    - Sheldon pushed them to pick a wedding date in the Season 8 finale

    - Sheldon turned to the couple for safety after they got robbed

    - When Leonard got the chance to see the Large Hadron Collider on Valentine's day, Sheldon invited himself instead of letting Leon…

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  • Giangster

    Another Brother

    May 11, 2016 by Giangster

    Hey everyone,

    This is my very first blog on this wiki, so here's what I have to say...

    The Big Bang Theory has definitely become one of the greatest sitcoms in TV history, and there have been quite a few stories that truly are memorable. I have become such a fan.

    Moving on, I have a suggestion for the show. How would you all feel about finally meeting Leonard's younger brother, Michael (the tenured law professor who is the "only" Hofstadter not involved in the sciences)? I know I would see any episode with him in it. I would also like to see the writers incorporate a new character into the show: an older brother for Leonard, Daniel Hofstadter. It might be a coincidence that Michael has the same name as Michael Faraday, but it would be an inte…

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