Hey everyone,

This is my very first blog on this wiki, so here's what I have to say...

The Big Bang Theory has definitely become one of the greatest sitcoms in TV history, and there have been quite a few stories that truly are memorable. I have become such a fan.

Moving on, I have a suggestion for the show. How would you all feel about finally meeting Leonard's younger brother, Michael (the tenured law professor who is the "only" Hofstadter not involved in the sciences)? I know I would see any episode with him in it. I would also like to see the writers incorporate a new character into the show: an older brother for Leonard, Daniel Hofstadter. It might be a coincidence that Michael has the same name as Michael Faraday, but it would be an interesting topic, like Daniel being named after Daniel Farhenheit.

Here is Daniel's back story: he's the oldest of the Hofstadter siblings, he had to step in as the "parental" role ifor the family due to Alfred working frequently and Beverly not being a maternal person (this could make him get along with Bernadette, who went through something similar), and he studied Physics, Chemistry, and law enforcement at Yale University, eventually earning a job as an agent for the NSA. He later got married (with Leonard as his best man), and had 3-4 kids.

Daniel and Michael could have helped Leonard get settled in when he first moved to Pasadena before the series. From there, they met Stuart, Howard, Raj, and Sheldon, whose personality and behaviour gets on Daniel's bad side, and vice versa. This would eventually lead to Daniel not visiting altogether, and he and Sheldon became mortal enemies (#1 on each other's list).

Who do you think should play Leonard's brother(s): Michael and Daniel?

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