I gotta ask, why do the writers feel the need to always make Sheldon include himself into Penny and Leonard's relationship? It's kind of annoying and not funny at all. I mean, they do this all the time:

- Sheldon interrupted Penny and Leonard's first time together in the Season 3 premiere (though he was furious at Leonard for deceiving him, so that was a good reason to do so)

- Sheldon tagged along in the car ride when Penny was dropping off Leonard at the airport in the Season 6 finale

- Sheldon pushed them to pick a wedding date in the Season 8 finale

- Sheldon turned to the couple for safety after they got robbed

- When Leonard got the chance to see the Large Hadron Collider on Valentine's day, Sheldon invited himself instead of letting Leonard bring Penny

- When the two first got married at the beginning of the Season, Sheldon gave them an all-expenses paid trip to San Francisco (and went with them)

- He makes them stay with him at the Apartment, not allowing Leonard to move out entirely

- The fact that in this episode, Sheldon invited his mother to the wedding (assuming that "OUR wedding" meant Leonard, Penny, and himself for some reason), and that it's not his wedding with Amy

Sheldon is really such a pest in Leonard's romances. No wonder Leonard didn't tell Sheldon about his early return from his trip in Season 7.