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  • ICarly2013

    Breann Koothrappali is the meanest character that wants to attack Lucy cause she doesn't want her with Rajesh, so Breann raises her fist and she punches Lucy on her chest to get her away from Rajesh.

    So Breann asks Rajesh to fall in love with her, then she shares him a picture of her by posting it on his facebook wall. Breann asked Sheldon if she could touch his butt, but he said no to her cause nobody touches him. So she walks to the refrigerator to take a bottle of whipped cream then she pulls Sheldons pants down and she puts whipped cream in his ass hole, but Sheldon gets mad at Breann for doing that and then he starts hollering at her but when he started hollering at her she runs out of his apartment and goes to Howard's apartment to v…

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