The Big Bang Theory has started off with a bang this season, atleast in my perspective. Sheldon and Penny have both expressed how much they missed Leonard and we got to see some different pairs work together for the first time. Nothing is ever fast paced with this show, as stated by the creators and actors, but I think thats part of the show's charm. As a shamy shipper I would have preferred a few more scenes, but they were not totally ignored and in the upcoming episodes "The Raiders Minimization" and "The Workplace Proximity" theres bound to be plenty of those scenes, hopefully for the best. There is speculation as to whether this season there will be a change in the living situations of the characters since it was hinted at last season in "The Spoiler Alert Segementation". Anyone think they will move certain characters around? I honestly have no idea. I just hope that The Big Bang Theory will continue to be fun to watch and keep me counting the days down every Thursday when there is a new episode.

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