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  • My occupation is Doctor (in training)
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  • Steve9021

    Dragon Ball Z: Wicked Rebirth

    By: Steve9021

    During the story of a different future – the one from which Future Trunks came to warn the Z Fighters about the Androids, the Demon God of ancient Namekian folklore seeks to rewrite history, but by doing so, he garners the attention of yet another largely forgotten by time.

    Dark Demon Realm Saga - Part 1: Resolution

    Future Timeline. Age 764, six months after the defeat of Garlic Jr,

    Capsule Corporation had proven to be a comfortable enough place for training, but Vegeta hadn’t the past few nights. He had been unable to sleep a wink. The feeling of anticipation, of hardly being able to wait another day, drove him to get up in the middle of the night and fly out into space. As a boy, he had feared the em…

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