YAY!!!!  Sheldon proposes to Amy. Finally!!!!!  It's about time and it was the logical thing to do, considering Ramona made her move.  I love Sheldon's faithfulness to Amy.  But in S11Ep1, will Amy question Sheldon's motives????  Will she hesitate to say yes?  We fans know she has wanted to marry Sheldon for some time, but will she accept his proposal if he tells her why he made an impromptu visit.? I for one would like her to say "Yes!", but the air needs to be cleared here.  He should be asking her only because he wants to marry her and not fend off Ramona.  Given, that was the motive for his last-minute flight, but if I were Sheldon, I would tell Ramona, "Hands off!!!!  I'm in love with Amy."  Or something like that.  That way, his motives are pure.

Sheldon is very much in love with Amy, and she is in love with him.  And on a practical level, besides the lovey-dovey stuff, they really do love each other as people, and as friends.  This relationship took a long time to be built, and it has a solid foundation.  I would hate for anyone else to break it.  

So we all have to wait until September.  Meanwhile, I'll watch the reruns and keep myself busy.  This show is worth it!!!!

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