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  • Thomaslove92

    Right...the Episode infobox has been revamped to match with the new infobox style.

    I've also added a little 'chronology section at the bottom of the infobox, allowing users to navigate through the episodes. This should encourage people reading articles to read more!

    Not sure where to go from here. I'm thinking about fixing the colours on the Big Bangf Theory infobox so they match with the rest of the Wiki.

    Seeing as new parameters have been added to the Episode infobox each episode page needs to be revamped to include these new parameters. I've done all of Season 1, and will begin work on the rest in a few hours!

    Hope you like the new infobox.


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  • Thomaslove92

    Infoboxes updated!

    April 25, 2012 by Thomaslove92

    Hi folks, so after talking with Zeypher about how to improve the Wiki, I decided to update the look and content of our infoboxes. My ideas and test can be seen on my sandbox page.

    So far I have updated the character infobx. Ive changed the look and added new parameters. See Template:Character for new usage and information on the new parameters.

    Next, i'll be updating the episodes infobox. I intend to bring all the nfoboxes on the wiki under the same style to improve continuity.

    Thanks for reading...


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