Thorpe Park was pretty amazing... the only thing that sucks was that it was raining. It wasn't raining the whole entire time which was great. I was only able to go on three rollar coasters:

  1. The first was called Collisus (I'm sure I spelled that incorrectly). The quenue was able 90mins and the ride itself was about two minutes. But it felt like 3 and a half if not that. The coaster consist of 10 loops, count 'em ten! Now it's not typically loops we think of, apparently they added in the corkscrews as loops as well. My wife was with me, and she was screaming like no tomorrow. I found the ride enjoyable but it hurts because the sit secure thingy is so hard that would you're in those corkscrews you're blopping your head against it. I give it a 8 out of 10!
  2. My second ride was Nemesis Inferno and it is a suspended steel rollar coaster. Quenue was able an hour and the ride is able two minutes as well. It is extremely twisted and turny. Of course before that we (wife and myself) had BK, but since the wait was an hour I felt I was digusted enough. But not my wife, she was so sick after the end of the coaster. Eventhough she scream more in the first one, she got really bad after the second one most likely because of BK. She didn't throw up, but she could of. I like it, but the first one to me was better. I give it an 8 as well.
  3. Before I talk about the third ride, I took my wife to the car to rest. Then I had a choice between going to Sleath or go to Saw-The Ride. Saw was closed earlier this morning, so I checked it out first and it was open. So I went in there... now I was there FOREVER! About 3 hours... 2 hours and 45 mins to be more exact. But I must admit it was worth the wait... it's basically a cart which holds 8 people, 4 on each row. Once it got started, you stop to view jigsaws doll saying about like, welcome thrill hunters. As you carelessly risk you life, you are about to experience that would endanger it further. You have a choice of life or death. Make your choice. Or something to that extend. And then you're in this pitch black warehouse and then... whoosh! A steep dive and twist until you are outside. Then there's a 90 degree lift to about 100degree to 90degree drop, some more twist, loops and turns with razors and knives and such visble throughout. It is by far my favorite and worth the wait. Go to it if you are able! I give it a 9. I didn't give it a 10 because the wait is still crazy.

I wish I was able to go into more rides but I did enjoy. My voice hurts so it's a good thing I'm not speaking this message. lol. I might go back and hopefully more people could go with me next time. I give the park 8 out of 10.

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