I fully amped up the Main Page with extra stuff. Now, the Big Bang Theory has a featured profile section, as well as a feature image. Sadly I'm not the only one who can choose the monthly feature image, but I'll be gladly grant those interested in with me. The coding may be complicated to those who never work in HTML or Wiki coding, so I perfer if the person was knowledgable in the area. You can even more knowledable than me, trust me I wouldn't mind. Anything to make this Wikia has great as many other I've seen. Since I don't admin rights (yet! lol) I added the various categories in the Main Page as well. I might even make it more complex similar to what I saw in the Final Fantasy wiki, but I haven't got time to achieve that goal yet.

I've also been working on the quotes of the moment which features quotes from the show appearing randomly everytime someone views the homepage. I know how to do it, but haven't got the time. If someone is willing to take up the project, let me know.

That's it for now... more updates when I see fit to mention them. LTR!

Zeypher 07:21, April 22, 2010 (UTC)

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