After everyone hard work, our wiki is finally spotlighted and show its awesomeness to others throughout the Wikia Community. Let's put our hands together and rejoice! For this is our time! :D The only thing I didn't like is our they wrote "The Roommate Transmogrication" with lower case letters. Also not sure they wrote that as its caption... I spose it makes sense as it is the season finale but still puzzling... oh well. Still featured wiki after only telling them about it a few days ago. :)

BBT Spotlighted

Here another image I found as I was randomly browsing.. now this one is MUCH better! :D

BBT Spotlighted 2

Yet I'm not sure where they got May 25 though... the season finale according to Wikipedia is the 19th.... do they know something I don't know... o_O lol

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