I am going to be on vacation this week and I plan on going to Thorpe Park this weekend with the family. I probably will still check up on the page and make sure everything is running a-ok! Which I'm sure it will... technically my vacation doesn't start until Wednesday, but I will let the community run on it's own till my return next week. It's time to catch up in my video games till this weekend. Heheh. :P

For the time being, MidnightLightning and Noneother Than Talos will be left in charge. They both have the power to rollback articles in case of vandals, but I'm really not too concern about that in this point of the time. But you never know, I seen two vandals here in the past few weeks... always good to be prepared.

But yeah, when I come back from Thorpe Park I will let you know. OH and if you didn't already know, Thorpe Park is in around London, England and it's an amusement park for thrill seekers like myself. :) I have internet in my phone, so I will still check often.. so you need anything that the other two previously mentioned can't do, ask me. LATER!

Zeypher 08:55, May 24, 2010 (UTC)

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