There's a growing amount of images being uploaded into the wiki! That's all great and all, but these images are not categorizes! So far I've been the only one working on this project, but it has overflowed again. If you have some spare time and would like some extra edit points, check the link below and help out.


When you categorize these image, please use this format:

Pictures of Jim Parsons Pictures of Kaley Cucoco etc.

Use the actor's name, not the character's name. And try to include all the actors within that frame of picture. If you don't know everyone, save it for someone who may.

Most of the categories should be made already, so simply adding a few letters should pop up the category. If it's a new actor or actress that was previously unmentioned and doesn't have their own category, please take the time to do some research on who that person is (spelled correctly) and add that category in.

Thanks for anyone who volunteered their time!

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