Hello one and all! What's going on?! I just want to take a step back and say how amaze how big this wiki has grown. I essentially took this wiki from basically nothing to what is it now... I, of course can't take full credit. I had plenty of help along the way, some stayed, while others are long gone to never be heard of again. I have been admin for over two years now and decided to take a step back as I feel the wiki can runs on it own feet.

In the mean time, I have gotten into another form of "media" hence the title, YouTube Commentary! I started up a gaming channel where I showcase my Nerd obsession! Gaming!!

This channel is essentially another part time job for me. Take a look, sub, watch and enjoy! Currently, running 5 separate series at the moment so there's plenty of content to show. On top of that, I've recently started up a daily vlogging channel of my life... uploading videos sometime today as well!

I would really appreciate it if you can help me but subscribing and help my channels get partner either through simply viewing, liking, commenting or favorite... or all of the above! :)

I will still be here of course for basic admin needs. Looking to get a full pledge new Synop to take over the wiki. If anyone wants to step up to the plate, let me know in my User talk page.

But yea... check out my channels and hope to see you all in the other side! Heck, we can talk Big Bang Theory over there as well! :D

Until next time, this is Talos (Zeypher) out!

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